I bought this bike from the UK in 2005.  I went to the UK, to Hull, and picked it up myself and took it in a van to be shipped to Iceland.
It's a 1980 Z1300, inline 6 cylinder, with a driveshaft.  I had been chopped by the previous owner, fitted with a split-fuel tank from a Harley and a Ape-Hanger. It also has quite nice custom made headers made out of stainless steel and (Harris?) mufflers.
The goal is to put on a wider rear wheel, and a turbocharger.
Stock specs:
1,300 cc
6 cylinder, watercooled, 1300 cc engine. Front dual disc & rear disc brakes, shaft drive, cast wheels.
Four-stroke, 6 Cylinder
Dual Over Head Camshaft,
5-Speed, Return Shift
Max. Horsepower:
120 HP @ 8,000 rpm