This is a Triumph Spitfire Mk3 1968. It has been in Iceland almost from 1968 and is a low milage car. It has been stored for many years in a garage. The original 1300 cc engine had been reconditioned and the same for the 4 speed gearbox. But because of lack of power I was looking at another engine for this great classic sports car. 
After I decided to do a engine swap, I began to look for a good engine. As I wanted to have the car as light as possible, I bought a 2006/7 Hayabusa engine. The engine in total is appr. 80 kg and as the 1300 cc Triumph engine with the gearbox is almost 200 kg the car will be appr. 120 kg lighter. The weight distribution will be great and handling better. 
The project started by removing the old engine and gearbox along with the driveshaft. As can be seen on the pictures, there was some work to be done. The pictures explains how the process went on.
I had to make some changes on the car for new driveshaft and to the chassis for the engine to fit as low and back as possible.
The driveshaft was custom made as the exhaust. I used the original Hayabusa airfilter with some modifications, the oilcooler, watercooler and the instrument panel. I had to make a fuel return and am using a new Walbro 255 fuel pump. The dashboard is from Hayabusa.
The loom was rewired for the car and is kept apart from the engine as possible. Some resistance was requiered in the engine loom. All brake hoses was replaced for wired ones. All new poly bushes, shocks etc. The differential was reconditioned and all new heavy duty UJ.
The car is without rust which was a great relief.
With the Hayabusa engine, I have installed PowerCommander 5, AutoTune, GiPro (gear indicator) and Quick Shifter all from DynoJet. Which is good as the diff ratio is 4.11 it is fast and quick gearshift is requiered. 
After the swap I had to lower the front of the car by 40 mm so I expect the weight to be around 550 kg. 
 Triumph Spitfire Mk3 1968 in the garage ready for modifications
Removing the hood with a help from my son  
  Ready for engine swap
   Removing the old engine starts
Work in process  
 1300 cc engine removal
Ready for engine swap           
Cleaning and painting work begins, this car it absolutely without rust! 
  Finding space for the Hayabusa engine, I had to make some modifications on the chassis.
The Hayabusa motor in place for the first time 
  Looking better
Because of the big difference in motor weight I could lower the front by 40 to 45 mm  

The Hayabusa engine tested for the first time.

  The engine in place and I used the original Hayabusa airfilter with some modifications
The engine in place and ready for new custom made exhaust 
 New headers, custom made 
  Custom made headers
Headers connector 
  O2 sensor in place
Sport wheels 
 Removal of springs etc.
New poly bushes overall 
New brake hoses  
  Custom made drive shaft and balanced, all new Heavy Duty UJ
Drive shaft fitted to the Hayabusa engine 
  Fuel tank ready inside as outside, I had to make return on the fuel line and am using Walbro 255 high performance fuel pump.
  The clutch mod
The clutch mod and the flange to the drive shaft 
  The reverse gear with custom made sprocket which is mounted on the drive shaft/diff
  New exhaust ala Retro
New electrical installation  
The diff before  
  The diff after
  New dashboard
SpitfireBusa on CarShow in Iceland 2012 
  I was very lucky to be able to get the older version of a number plate and with a very low number, it fits this great small classic sport car much better then the newer bigger number plate.
(from 2:40 onwards)